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[DebianGIS] Re: gdal

[Steve Halasz]
> Dropping the C++ library might not be too attractive. QGIS uses it
> heavily I think, but I'll have to check into that more.

Ouch. :/

We should avoid breaking qgis every time a new gdal library is
uploaded.  It will happen if qgis uses the C++ API and the gdal C++
API changes on every release. :/

> For now, what should the package name be? libgdal1a?

Not sure.  At the moment it is libgdal1c2a, and the previous ones were
libgdal1c2 and libgdal1c2a?  I guess libgdal2 if the API is
incompatible with libgdal1c2a, but am not really uptodate with the
library issues.

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