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Re: [DebianGIS] Re: Terralib package

Em Seg, 2005-08-29 às 08:41 +0200, Petter Reinholdtsen escreveu:
> [Marco Tulio Gontijo e Silva]
> > Corrections are wellcome.
> I found a few in the description.  'GISscience' is not a good English
> term.  And 'ORACLE e ACCESS' should probably read 'ORACLE and ACCESS'.
> And the reference to ANSI C++ ("(INCITS / ISO/ IEC 14882:1998)") is
> probably completely on the intended audience, so I suggest removing it
> and leaving only "ANSI C++" behind.

This is done.

> Is it sensible to have 'lib' twice in the package name?  Should it be
> called libterra or terralib instead?  libterralib sounds a bit
> much. :)

The name of the library is terralib, then I think that libterra doesn't
sound good. And as the new policy is to use lib before every library
package, I think this is the better solution. There are a lot of
packages in Debian with 2 libs in the name:

$ apt-cache search lib | grep lib[a-z]*lib

> I just noticed the documentation included, and the abstract in
> libterralib1-doc mentioning papers downloaded from the web.  What are
> the licenses for these papers?  Do they follow DFSG?  I doubt it, as
> very few papers accept changes and redistribution of changed versions.

I sent a mail for the the terralib author asking about that, and I'm
packaging it without these unknown license docs. If he answers me, I
change it.

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