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Re: [Pkg-grass-general] mapserver Pkg update 11/12/2004

[re. grass57 Debian package]

> Some helpful improvements have been made in grass CVS, but I think
> it's cleaner and simpler to stick to packaging release tarballs.

I agree.

> Here is a list of things I think remain to be done:

> 2. Create grass57-doc package. Alioth bug #301036.

Everything should be contained in the dist.$ARCH/docs/ directory 
after building. Only things that got built will put help pages in there
and anything missing a help page will be reported at the end of the 
"make" step (maybe 5 modules). These require a description.html file in
the module's source directory. You will probably find one already in CVS
but if not it only needs to be a little blurb -- the important options
and flag information is added automatically.

option: include Programmer's manuals from Doxygen? (y)
  make pdfdocs (or) make htmldocs

> 3. Decide if grass57 will be a separate package from grass (5.0.3), or
> if there will only be one grass version in Debian. I believe consensus
> at this point is for the latter option. If that is the case, need to
> change package names to remove '57'.

just "grass"

> 5. Upgrade issues. Provide debconf screens and/or scripts to upgrade
> mapsets to new format.

No! Do not mess with data files!  !!!  !

Perhaps a debconf <OK> message page saying that you will have to use 
v.convert to load in old vector maps (use 'g.list oldvect' to see what
is there). Also mention that you should run g.setproj to specify a datum
for your location when upgrading from 5.0.x.

But never touch someone's data.

> 6. copyright file. I removed a bunch of stuff in here that referred to
> files that were copyright people other than the grass development
> team. I think at the time that I was thinking everything was GPL and
> there wasn't a need for this. But maybe these should be looked over to
> see if they still apply.

As far as I understand it, everything that has been merged into 5.7
should be GPL or free-er (e.g. surviving USACE code is without 

In the 5.0/5.3 source tree everything that wasn't was moved into 
src.nonGPL/ and is not built.

[cc Bernhard who might have a better understanding]


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