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[Pkg-grass-general] mapserver Pkg update 11/12/2004

First, could any one willing give the list a quick
update on the status/recent developments on the GRASS
and POSTGIS packages.  In order to achieve our goal of
making debian a truly powerful GIS platform, The
various projects (Grass,postgis, mapserver, etc)
should stay in close contact.  

Second, Just wanted to thank everyone for their
interest in  developing a fully functioning and
maintainable mapserver debian package.  

I have applied for a "home" for our mapserver
packaging project on alioth.debian.org.  Pending
administrator approval, we will soon have a central
place to post our code and comments.  I will keep you

Thomas and Lionel I thank you for sharing your debs
for mapserver. I will test them ASAP and of course
share all comments and changes with you.  I appreciate
the work that you have done to get us this far.    

I look forward to continuing to work with you all.  

take care

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