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Bug#609665: libgcj10: please provide ABI virtual package


On Tue, Jan 11, 2011 at 07:51:37PM +0100, Lionel Elie Mamane wrote:
> It seems the information he is missing to properly set dependencies
> for libreoffice-gcj (and its predecessor openoffice.org-gcj) is which
> version of gcj-jre/java-gcj-compat is the right one. libreoffice-gcj
> already depends on "libgcj-bc (>= 4.4.5-1~)", which indeed comes
> correctly and automatically from the .shlibs. But then it depends on
> (any version of) java-gcj-compat, and this allows the situation that:
>  - libgcj-bc is indeed at the right version (from gcc 4.4.5, libgcj10)
>  - the version of _lenny_ of java-gcj-compat is installed (from gcc
>    4.3.2, libgcj9)
> In that situation, LibreOffice at runtime uses the Lenny gcj/gij/...,
> which does not work with the .jar.so file in libreoffice-gcj (because
> compiled with gcj 4.4.5).
> To avoid that situation, libreoffice-gcj needs a dependency on "a
> version of libgcj-jre that wraps around/symlinks a version of
> libgcjN, for a good value of N, that works with .jar.so files
> generated by the gcj used at compile-time".

So the ideal solution would be libgcj-bc (>= 4.4.5-1~), gcj-jre (>= 4.4.5-1~)
in .shlibs, no? Both come out of gcc-defaults anyways.

or additionally also with gcj-x.y-jre as in your other reply.



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