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Re: Q: lilo avec windows /dev/hdc

david wrote:

> Ca doit etre explique quelquepart dans la doc de lilo ( /usr/doc/lilo/...)

Je viens de le trouver, c'est expliqué dans '/usr/doc/lilo/INCOMPAT' :

Incompatibilities between LILO >= 20 and earlier versions

Special chain loaders

The functionality of the chain loaders any_b.b and any_d.b has been
generalized and integrated into chain.b. any_b.b and any_d.b are
therefore no longer supported. Their behaviour can be emulated as


   other = foo
     loader = /boot/any_d.b


   other = foo
     map-drive = 0x80
       to = 0x81
     map-drive = 0x81
       to = 0x80

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