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[Freedombox-discuss] Debian FreedomBox = Existing Debian packages on plug hardware

On 1 March 2011 16:19, Melvin Carvalho <melvincarvalho at gmail.com> wrote:

> However, I was unsure that other related freedom box projects are
> completely out of scope at this early stage, but if you tell me, I'll
> believe you.

I think what people are saying is that they're out of scope /for this list/.
I'm trying to maintain a list of separate-but-related projects - I'm
following this list because I already have experimented with running Debian
on a SheevaPlug (I found it worked, but that using an SD card as the primary
file system was not reliable enough for production use and I'm not currently
using it), but like you I'm really more interested in something
opportunistic and resilient to network interruption and probably running on
mobile phones, so I'm actually more interested in the Tahrir and Serval at




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