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[Freedombox-discuss] Debian FreedomBox = Existing Debian packages on plug hardware

On Tue, Mar 01, 2011 at 04:41:14PM +0100, Melvin Carvalho wrote:
>>>>> The only problem I see is Android specifics, which won't play nice 
>>>>> with the Debian toolchain.
>>>> If I am not mistaken, the topic of this mailinglist is the _Debian_ 
>>>> FreedomBox project. ?Not the Google FreedomBox project or whatever 
>>>> else.
>>> I'm not sure what your point is.
>> This mailinglist was created in direct response to a talk made in 
>> July at a Debian conference, where Eben Moglen challenged the Debian 
>> community to put the already production-ready Debian distro onto the 
>> already production-ready Plug devices, "just" make the combination 
>> dead simple for non-geeks to consume.

>> ?Debian supports Plug devices, not Android phones. ?Debian also 
>> support a gazillion devices other than Plug devices, and a gazillion 
>> other use cases, but I dare say this particular project was created 
>> with the relatively narrow scope of consumer-friendly design + Plug 
>> devices + Debian subset of freedom-enabling technologies.
>What about Eben's original talk about NYU a year ago, 'Freedom in the
>Cloud', where he coined the term 'Freedom Box'?
>I believe he mentioned both Fedora and Debian..  IMHO he was promoting
>the idea of free software in the freedom box, and selected Debian as a
>leader rather than an absolute.

Several Eben Moglen talks are original.  Possibly the term FreedomBox 
was _introduced_ at a talk a year ago.  I can't say for sure, and also 
find it irrelevant for this discussion.

Do you not understand that a different talk spawned this mailinglist?

Or do you not care and feel the goal should be more broad nevertheless?

Eben is great inspiration, but do not dictate work done here.

Neither do I.  Please reread this thread if you feel Debian is all I 
care about.

  - Jonas

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