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[Freedombox-discuss] Kickstarter's initial goal was reached

On Wed, 23 Feb 2011 17:16:28 +0000, Matt Willsher <matt at monki.org.uk> wrote:
> On 23 February 2011 16:58, James Vasile <james at hackervisions.org> wrote:
> > Matt, thanks again for the good questions. ?As the answers come into
> > sharper focus and details emerge, we'll announce them here. ?As we
> > expand beyond just a few volunteers, we'll be able to integrate the
> > community into decisions in a more visible and tangible way. ?Until
> > then, we appreciate the faith and effort you all have invested so far.
> Thank for the reply James, and I appreciate the clarifications.
> One key part is still missing for me. What is $500,000 for and what is
> the justification for that figure? Some one must have come up with a
> budget and 'business case'  and yet, if the Foundation is the be as
> open as I understand you to be saying, this information has not been
> published (or have I just not yet found it?).

The problem with numbers is they imply precision that doesn't always
exist.  There is no detailed hidden budget.  $500K is an estimate of the
resources it would take to actualize the vision.  We have a good idea of
how much certain things (people, mostly) cost and we have an idea of how
many people it might take to do something like this and what other
resources we might need.  $500K is a measure of the scale of resources
it would take to get there.  We have done numerous projects on that
basis (GPLv3 comes to mind), and we will of course have to do more
number crunching when we have a better idea of the resources at our
disposal, the staffing to enact the vision, and a community mandate as
to what will be in the box.

If it matters to you, I can say that I don't see putting any of this
money in our own pockets (we're paid by SFLC and volunteer our time on

In any event, more details to come over the next few weeks, starting
with Eben's talk on Friday.  If you're in NY, you're welcome to come,
and you're welcome to ask Eben these questions directly.  He's always
more eloquent than I am.


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