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[Freedombox-discuss] Quality of service (QOS) - Asterisk

Sam Hartman writes: 

> I'd be happy to engage with you  on an appropriate networking list about
> whether QOS is required.
> I will agree that it is sometimes beneficial especially when links or
> conjested.
> However I've not found it necessary to deploy to get VOIP working on my
> home network, and there are a lot of cases where it is unnecessary.

       Hello Sam, 

My home adsl connection as a Up Speed of 250Kbps and a Down Speed of 

When I use VOIP I need to stop all my Bittorrent traffic so the VOIP is OK. 

I do traffic shape my up link but I have not yet included shaping for VIOP. 
At the moment I am in the process of setting up Asterisk on my home brew 
FreedomBox. Which is my router that has ftp, email, weblog and bittorrent. 

When I get Asterisk setup and running. I will traffic shaped its data flows. 
I can then run some basic test to see what the difference is with and 
without shaping. It would be I think a good test setup because of the size 
of my internet connection. Will I able to use Bittorrent and voip at the 
same time ? I think with a bit of control the answer will yes. I use 
shorewall for the job. As you know this could be hand knitted with iptables 
and tc. I all so have a ftp server so I check out what thats like with voip. 

      Regards: Peter Colton 

( GnuPG ID A5B614D4 )
( ftp.colton.me.uk/GnuPG/A5B614D4.asc )

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