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[Freedombox-discuss] Quality of service (QOS) - Asterisk

>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Colton <mailing-list at colton.me.uk> writes:

    Peter>       Hello all,

    Peter> One of the main buss words that Eben speak in his talk was
    Peter> Asterisk.  Each FreedomBox with its own telephone
    Peter> exchange. As we know voip needs QOS to be reliable. 

Uh, I've heard it claimed a lot that VOIP needs QOS.
I have not generally found that to be true.

I'd be happy to engage with you  on an appropriate networking list about
whether QOS is required.
I will agree that it is sometimes beneficial especially when links or
However I've not found it necessary to deploy to get VOIP working on my
home network, and there are a lot of cases where it is unnecessary.

    Peter> So it would be adventurous for the FreedomBox to be able to
    Peter> use IPv6 with its peers too gain that reliability.

I definitely think using IPv6 (often tunneled over v4) would be a great
simplifying architectural assumption.  However I'm not aware of any
practical difference between integrated services, differentiated
services or the DSCP field between IPv4 and IPv6.  So, I'm unaware of
why v6 provides QOS advantages.

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