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[Freedombox-discuss] Quality of service (QOS) - Asterisk

       Hello all, 

One of the main buss words that Eben speak in his talk was Asterisk.
Each FreedomBox with its own telephone exchange. As we know voip needs QOS 
to be reliable. So it would be adventurous for the FreedomBox to be able to 
use IPv6 with its peers too gain that reliability. 

All so for QOS to be functional the FreedomBox would need to be positioned 
as a router ? So that QOS world work ? 

Data leaving the FreedomBox can have QOS ipv4 & ipv6 but data coming to the 
FreedomBox from the ipv4 world the QOS is as good as nill? But the download 
link size of a domestic internet connection is the largest. Which is a basic 
form of QOS. 

         Regards: Peter Colton 


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