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Re: need to update some packages

On Thu, 2019-06-13 at 12:03 +0900, Norbert Preining wrote:

> Hmmm, I tried to grant Hilmar Preusse several times upload rights,
> and I always got "key unknown", despite the fact that the key is in
> the debian-keyring repository.

Hmm, the key seems fine on the ftp-master server too. I think you will
need the ftp-master team to look at this.

pabs@fasolo:~$ gpg --no-default-keyring --keyring /srv/keyring.debian.org/keyrings/debian-maintainers.gpg --list-keys Hilmar
pub   rsa4096 2013-03-04 [SC] [expires: 2020-05-30]
uid           [ unknown] Hilmar Preusse <hille42@web.de>
uid           [ unknown] Hilmar Preusse <hille42@despammed.com>
uid           [ unknown] [jpeg image of size 8172]
sub   rsa4096 2015-04-29 [S] [expires: 2020-05-30]
sub   rsa4096 2015-04-29 [E] [expires: 2020-05-30]



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