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Re: need to update some packages

Hi Bobby,

we are currently in a freeze, so this is probably not the right time to
update font packages for new upstream releases. Second, your key isn't
part of the released debian-keyring yet.

Does this have time until after the next stable release, when the
debian-keyring package has been updated with your key? This will make
things easier on my side.


 - Fabian

Bobby de Vos wrote:
> Greetings,
> Soon I will need to update the packages for fonts-sil-awami-nastaliq and
> then fonts-sil-padauk for new upstream releases. Can I get permission to
> upload those packages? Eventually, I might need to update any of the
> fonts-sil-* packages.
> Thanks, Bobby
> --
> Bobby de Vos
> /bobby_devos@sil.org/

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