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Re: need to update some packages

Hi Paul,

On Thu, 13 Jun 2019, Paul Wise wrote:
> > Second, your key isn't part of the released debian-keyring yet.
> FTR, the key is on keyring.debian.org and all Debian infrastructure
> uses that rather than the debian-keyring package.

Hmmm, I tried to grant Hilmar Preusse several times upload rights, and I
always got "key unknown", despite the fact that the key is in the
debian-keyring repository.
>    Full name: Hilmar Preusse
>    Added key: 729D8041C7AB18EE93F3A17A0C871C4C653C1F59

gpg --dry-run --keyserver hkps://keyring.debian.org --recv-keys 729D8041C7AB18EE93F3A17A0C871C4C653C1F59


	> Action: dm
	> Fingerprint: 0x729D8041C7AB18EE93F3A17A0C871C4C653C1F59
	> Allow: ....
	There was an error processing this section. No changes were committed.
	Unknown fingerprint 0x729D8041C7AB18EE93F3A17A0C871C4C653C1F59




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