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Re: Added RFN-violation bug template to wiki

On Mon, Mar 19, 2018, 8:42 PM Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org> wrote:
On Tue, Mar 20, 2018 at 5:04 AM, Nathan Willis wrote:

> So you can do "MyFoundry Baskerville" and just reserve your foundry name
> (which you'd likely have a trademark claim on that you're defending in other
> ways, too). Then "OtherType Baskerville" is explicitly still OK.

After reading the last few mails, it seems to me that RFNs are mainly
about reputation and mainly for individual font designers and

I would say, projects with a single copyright holder.

I'd suggest that RFN best practice should be:

Avoid RFNs completely for fonts with a community behind them (like DejaVu).

I have advocated for years to avoid them in general, because the copyleft in the license incentivizes upstream contribution aka forming a community; this is also incentivized by GitHub style version control development. 

For foundries and individual font designers concerned about reputation:

* add a deterministic build setup

Always good to do :)

* leave the RFN out of the source

If this can be rephrased as "use a codename instead of the rfn in source" then I like it, but in your example below then one if the reserved names is kept, so I'm confused about what you mean here; do you mean, leave it out of the copyright notice? If so I can't imagine that flying with anyone who intentionally applied an rfn, because then anyone could derive from source without the rfn obligation....

* leave the designer/foundry name out of the font name in the source

I generally require this for Google Fonts anyway, and even deny initials, with a few exceptions for sil and Paratype (pt sans) etc, although I may end up renaming them if the upstream ceases development.

* add a note to the source encouraging people to rename for major forks

Always good to do :)

* add the designer/foundry name to the font name in the binary fonts
* add an RFN of the designer/foundry name *only* in the binary fonts

For example:

"Gentium" in the source
"SIL Gentium" in the SIL-distributed .otf files
RFN of "SIL" in the SIL-distributed .otf files
Font name alias of "Gentium" in the SIL-distributed .otf files
(not sure if this last one is possible?)

Aliasing has to be done in fontconfig; I believe Debian font packages can supply a fontconfig rule, if so then yes

Does that sound plausible?

How can we popularise this and make it best practice?

Any volunteers to talk to designers/foundries?

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