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Re: [Pkg-fonts-devel] Unicode Font

PDFTeX can only use 256 glyph per font, so I don't see how your super
huge font would work any way. Also, *TeX supports a concept called
virtual fonts so you can combine several physical fonts without
modifying them, though the 265 glyph limit still applies (unless you are
using a modern TeX implementation like LuaTeX).

I can indeed switch fonts the way I like with xelatex. With pdflatex I can overcome the 256 glyph limit with the CJK package. But with the CJK package I cannot change fonts inside headings. But I can do that with Xelatex, although I don't have microtypography with xelatex. But that is less important. So basically this problem is solved.

Yours Dirk

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