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[Pkg-fonts-devel] Unicode Font

I need a font that covers full 16 bit Unicode. I need in normal, italic, bold and bolditalic. And I need it serif, teletyper and smallcaps. Thus its 12 .ttf files. I need it because I want to write LaTeX documents which can contain any character from that range, and I can not safely change the font in one LaTeX because of technical limitations of LaTeX (changing fonts inside headings is not allowed but needed). If you got such a font, just tell me and I will be happy. If you don't I already made my own combining (wqyzenhei + unifont + freeserif + linuxlibertine). According to


its is simple to create a package and I will do this. But I would like to get it included into debian, and that is why I here first.
Yours Dirk

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