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Re: [Pkg-fonts-devel] Proposal for a talk + BoF around open fonts at Debconf7

> I'm very interested in coming to the i18n meetings too. Have you agreed
> on a hour yet?

No. And I actually doubt to have one before the beginning of the
conferene..:-). This is not really a problem, given the way the
Debconf will wor:

> So who will be in Edinburgh? and what days? In case we organize an
> impromptu BoF somewhere... How about getting together at lunchtime?
> Sampling the local food/beverage while talking about fonts?

I'll arrive in EDI on June 15th and leave on 24th. So, I'll be there
during the entire Debconf plus the Debian Day.

About scheduling to meet or whatever, believe me, we *will* meet, no
matter we schedule it or not. Actually, we will all live together for
one full week, so no problem at all. This is how the Debconf

Be also prepared to plan doing a lot of stuff, meet a lot of people,
plan to work on tons of things....and actually do about 1/4 of what
you planned.... ;)

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