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Re: [Pkg-fonts-devel] Proposal for a talk + BoF around open fonts at Debconf7

> How should we organize the BoF and the team meetups to get ready for
> more font action in the lenny dev cycle?

You have no control about the moment the organizers will schedule the
BOF...so scheduling other work meetings seems something to do....and,
from my experience of Debconfs, to do before the debconf starts..:-)

This is what I'm currently trying to organize for the i18n crowd, aka
"the Knights of Nicky-Nicky", with a planned daily meeting at fixed hours.

> IMHO, we need - as has already been suggested - a font packaging
> policy/best practises guide along with some kind of test suite/build
> environment from font sources. Providing tips/tutorial with the goal of
> making Debian more friendly to open font designers would also be useful.
>  and more packages of course :)

Having an early structure for the fonts packaging policy, with
voluntarily limited goals, such as fitting TTF and OTF fonts, would
already be a sufficient goal.

The idea of a test suite could come later, maybe.

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