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[Pkg-fonts-devel] Proposal for a talk + BoF around open fonts at Debconf7

Dear pkg-fonts folks,

I'm preparing a proposal for a talk + BoF about open fonts at this
year's Debconf in Edimburgh. I'll be there from the 15th to the 19th
(first Debconf IRL for me).

I'm thinking of covering issues like font licensing with an overview of
the OFL and the growing body of quality fonts released under this
license (those already in the archive and those underway), how the OFL
is allowing us to engage the font design community in a relevant way by
promote font freedom and encouraging more designers to release their
creation under a free license, updates on the community-sponsored Go for
OFL unifont.org campaign, future plans for Vera/Dejavu and other fonts
wrt. to licensing, open fonts as a key building block to expand the i18n
coverage of Debian (and derivatives) IOW "more locales, yeah!", recent
efforts across the community to improve the whole "font stack", open
fonts in the context of education and development platforms like OLPC
and of course co-maintainership of fonts and related software.

How does that sound?

We have a few days left to send in the proposal, so I'd love to have
your feedback on what you like to see/hear.

How should we organize the BoF and the team meetups to get ready for
more font action in the lenny dev cycle?

For everyone who will be in Edinburgh, what goals are we setting
ourselves that we can really focus on to benefit the whole project while
being there?

IMHO, we need - as has already been suggested - a font packaging
policy/best practises guide along with some kind of test suite/build
environment from font sources. Providing tips/tutorial with the goal of
making Debian more friendly to open font designers would also be useful.
 and more packages of course :)

What do you all think?

I've also tweaked a few things on the Alioth project configuration to
update the description, categorise our project in the Trove tree and
turn off some features we are not using just yet:


Nicolas Spalinger

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