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[Pkg-fonts-devel] First item to the packaging policy: how to names packages?

Well, here I come with a first thing to discuss...

I'm currently in touch with a translation team from Bhutan who's
working on translation to Dzongkha, the country official language.

We're setting up the prerequisites for a D-I translation to take place
and one item is having a TTF font for the graphical installer:


Here the translator mentions me that the team is working on GPL fonts,
one of which already existing and named Jomolhari

I'm of course ready to package it but the first problem arises: how to
name the package ?

ttf-dzongkha: would mean there will be only one package for dz fonts
              (which is pretty probable)




something else?

I'm tempted to use ttf-dzongkha right now, but having input would be
nice...and this would actually help in writing out a first entry to
our proposed policy.


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