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Re: Validating NT thought a natting firewall

This deffinatly sounds like you need to open another port that currently
is not open/forwarded.  It could be something realy odd like discard or
some non IP protocol.  Your best beet is to run iptraf or tcpdump on both
the interfaces and see what appers on the lab net that it not translated
to mynet.

--- Leonardo Boselli <leo@dicea.unifi.it> wrote:
> On Wed, 26 May 2004, Mike Mestnik wrote:
> > My previous post was thinking you where DNATing to the servers, a
> common
> > nat setup.  However your SNATing to them too segragate them from the
> local
> > net.
> i tried today your suggestion of using only wins but no succes.
> The "segregated" ones are not the server, but just 4 workstaion.
> the arrangement is this:
> {INTERNET}---[router]---{mynet (a.b.c.2-19=servers}---[marte]--{labnet}
>              [a.b.c.1]        a.b.c.32-191=WS       [a.b.c.192-199]
>                               a.b.c.200-240=pool
>                               a.b.c.241-254=PRN} 
> LAbnet contain a number of hosts ... only 4 of them must have access
> from
> mynet and full access to whole internet.
> The PDC/BDC are 11 13 15 17 19 .... 
> There are no problem in accessing . just i cannot for example give
> permission on a file on a host in labnet since it say it cannot contact
> the PDC ... BTW i can access without problem the Server fron the
> segregated host and even the other way (using a local user).

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