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Re: how to get firehol messages off my screen

On 31/05/2004 Daniel Pittman wrote:
> > I tried this on my server and suddenly wasn't able to reach any remote
> > sites any longer. the server still was available and ping from server to
> > other machines worked, but requesting a ftp or http file from the server
> > didn't work any longer.
> ...odd. I wouldn't have expected that result from it, but I never tested
> server *all* drop; I would expect that it should act as usual and allow
> anything earlier on the piece.
> You *did* have an explicit server "ftp http" accept in there before the
> drop all, right?

exactly, i have an accept for all the services that are provided to
world and as last rule (before the client all accept) I added the server
all drop, what caused the decribed troubles.


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