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Re: OT: Re: Thanks!

* Fabricio Cannini Flores (fcannini@pop.com.br) [031020 11:28]:
> And what about ppl like me, that use webmail?
> Can't (if there's available processor time)
> lists.debian.org run amavis and/or clamAV?
> should i wait until swen 'gets tired' and stops spreading itself? 

This wouldn't do anything; the virus isn't sending itself to
debian-firewall@lists.debian.org.  It doesn't go anywhere nead
lists.debian.org on the way from the infected windows box to your
webmail account.

I recently installed clamav on my mail server.  Piece of cake, and swen
is a thing of the past on my site.  If you don't run your own mail
server, talk to your postmaster to see what they can do for you.  They
should be able to help you filter these out.

good times,
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    puts("Reader! Think not that \n"
         "technical information \n"
         "ought not be called speech;");
    return 0;

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