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General notice

Just a general note. I hope the person who needs to see it DOES see it.

If you are accessing this list, and other Debian lists, from a WINDOWS
based system in a BUSINESS please install, update, and run a good virus
scanner on all Winboxes connected to your network.

I have noticed that the Swen virus load (that ONLY started following a post
to THIS list) drops over the weekend to 1 or 2 per hour. Starting sometime
Monday morning it jumps to 30 or 40 per hour. this suggests Swen has
infected a BUSINESS system that is off over the weekend.

You're running a BUSINESS with Windows boxes that don't have VIRUS
PROTECTION?!? Shame on you!!

Gerald V. Livingston II

Configure your Email to send TEXT ONLY -- See the following page:

'74 Kombi (to be renamed - LifeSaver doesn't 'feel' right)
'69 Type 1 - AirBall the Rolling Basket Case

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