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Re: Spam

Am 2003-10-10 04:51:06, schrieb Gerald V. Livingston II:

>You must have done something else at the same time (yesterday) to attract
>the spam. I've been on this list (and a few other Debian lists) with this
>email address for about a year now and it receives about 1 spam per week.
>Definitely not 100 per day.

Hello Gerald, 

right, I get not very much since one week or so from the List... 
But I get since years regulary around 500 SPAMS/Viruses per week 
exept last month, where I have gotten around 28.000 VIRUSES of 
140-150 kByte ans 5.000 SPAMS of around 2-17 kByte. 

Curently 'murphy' do a very good Job !!!


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