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Re: Spam (2)

Jeez thats what AOL do too... its a pain in the ass

Home users cannot email you because their IP address usually does not have a reverse lookup name. In fact, most of the emails we receive in our office come from IP addresses with no reverse DNS at all.

Replying to the message sent by daniel  on Fri, 10 Oct 2003 20:09:44 +0200 (CEST), received at 19:26:51 on 10/10/2003. daniel wrote:
><quote who="danilo lujambio">
>> El vie, 10-10-2003 a las 07:21, Frederik Rousseau escribió:
>> Hi,
>> Some questions about spam :
>> I am using the file access of the sendmail to control the spam , but it
>> seems not the best solution. (I don't want to change my MTA)
>> What dou you use to look for the origin adress of the spam ?
>> Sinceresly I am lookin for it reading my logs and is very tedious task.
>> Thanks !
>> dl
>Well, I am using postfix (not telling you to change) but I have set up
>some options to check the host that is connecting (make a dns resolution
>of the name that is trying to connect) for example if it says it is
>mail.acme.com and that does not resolv in dns it rejects.. also I have it
>to check the domain, if acme.com in the From header does not exist postfix
>also rejects... more stuff I have also placed a limit for 100K per mail
>since rarely I receive anything bigger than that (so I dont receive this
>viruses neither the notifications, though I understand this can be too
>drastic for some people), with all this checks I reduced 1000 mails per 12
>hours to 0 or 3 per day.
>Good luck

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