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Re: LRP scripting


I'm well aware of backup procedure in LRP -

1) When starting a thread, compose a new message rather than replying
a message with a different subject.

Thanks. You're right - I went and saw the effect on the mailing list...

2) I'm pretty sure LRP is off-topic for this list, however...

Why? (You know _why_, but I don't)

3) When you make changes to your "live" LRP filesystem, please realize
that these changes are only made to the ram-disk.  In order to have
these changes persist at next boot, you must back up the ram-disk to
the floppy diskette.  This is facilitated through the "lrcfg" menu.
Choose: "lrcfg" (if your system does not boot to the lrcfg menu) ->
"b" (for backup) -> either "e" (for everything except log files) or
"l" (everything including log files).

Nah, rc_.d files are reset regardless of user backups - that's why I posted.

Thanks for 1) ,  2)  ( and 3) !  )

Hope that helps you out.
David Karlin
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