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Can't undo bastille

I've had bastille 2.0.4-2 running for quite some time on an install of
unstable I keep uptodate fairly often, so imagine my surprise when I
decided to remove it:

--- snip ---

# /usr/sbin/UndoBastille
System is not running a stable Debian GNU/Linux version. Setting to 3.0.
Bastille tried to use $GLOBAL_BFILE{'undo-actions'} but it does not
exist. System is in original state, no action taken.

--- snip ---

Where is this file bastille cannot find? (i.e. where is it "supposed" to
be? <g>)

Also, I am confused by the terms 'undo' and 'revert'. Am I right to
think that undo means undoing the bastille installation, and revert
means re-doing that installation?

Best &c.

Bob Bernstein

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