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LRP scripting


I am now running LRP 2.9.8 with kernel 2.2.19 on my internet router.

Since I am experimenting with its setup I am scripting, testing, starting, stopping, etc. and I've encountered difficulty when including start-up scripts, because I don't know where to initialize them from. If I use /etc/init.d with a symbolic link in /etc/rc2.d then LRP erases that link during the next boot-up (lrp seems to monitor rc_.d's and resets any changes).

The firewall seems to be the last service to start-up, is this true? ... or is there another script file or directory that gets read after Seawall (S41seawall)? I am interested in adding a user-script as the very last action before log-in. Any help will be appreciated.

(Since LRP is Debian-based and in the absence of an official LRP mailing list I decided to post here. If this topic is out of place then I am depending on one of you good brethren to tell me., allright?)

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