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Re: basic question about firewall usage

On Fri May 09, 2003 at 07:2327AM -0700, Xucaen wrote:
> Hi all, I am going to set up a p133 as a
> dedicated firewall. I have a couple of PCs
> networked and I would like to share my cable
> internet. Is there a concern with using this
> machine to for other things, such as priner
> server, sql server, email server? 

Yes, there is: every additional service to the firewall increases the 
insecurity of the machine. So you have to decide which level of 
security you like to have, and you should look for the more secure and 
trustworthy  alternatives of the daemons you want to install - e.g. not 
necessarily using sendmail as long as you don't need its features.

You also should have an eye on the configuration of that services, e.g 
if the service should be available only to the internal users, restrict 
it to them.

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