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Re: how to block these?

On Fri May 09, 2003 at 12:0119PM -0300, Wcom wrote:
> Hello
> I have some problems in my lan environment. most of my clients using  kazaa
> or overnet to dowmload mp3 and mpg files. These progams eating most of my
> small bandwidth so can i put some rules to "block" these kazaa and other p2p
> program ?

You can add filter rules that prevent kazaa and other p2p software from 
connection to the outside, but you have to be aware that this will end 
in a competition between your users and you. We had something similar 
here (at university) with first person shooters. They blocked a range of 
ports, and a few days later, the people relocated the services to other 
ports, and I fear the same might happen to you.

You don't tell about your environment, but probably it is possible to 
forbid this by some order, perhaps some extension to the contract 
between you and your users, your employer and the employees or something 

The nature of this problem is social and not technical, so you have to 
solve it socially, and not technically

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