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Re: "Crashing" Firewall

On Mon, Oct 07, 2002 at 01:00:52PM +0200, Urs Martini wrote:

> But I've another question: Are the ports limited somehow?
> (up to 65000 ports perhaps?)

Port numers are 16-bit integers, so there are exactly 65536 of
them :-)

> My router masq's the internet-traffic from three clients
> and the last time my firewall stopped working, I watched the
> blocked ports which were all over 64000 and more...
> Is that a problem or is it just normal for a masquerading
> router?

That is standard behaviour for 2.2 kernels, and I do call it a
limitation, even though it hardly bothers anyone.  2.4 kernels
don't do that anymore.


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