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Re: using DNAT problem

* shoeb (shoeb@newgen.co.in) [020507 04:28]:
> Dear All ,
> Can  u plz tell me the reseon and solution of this mail, i  got this mail as
> a attechment with .dat ext.

The short answer:
your mailer is broken. Use a different one.

The slightly longer (but still impatient) answer:
Outlook Express has a broken MIME implementation that incorrectly
displays certain messages. Among the most common incorrectly-displayed
messsages are GPG-signed messages. The body of the message is supposed
to be displayed inline, but for some reason, OE shows it as an
attachment to a blank message. You might think that this would be a very
easy bug to fix, and you'd be right. But for some reason, microsoft has
not fixed this bug in OE, which has existed for a long time (during
which they have released a few major releases of their product).
Further, the bug does not exist in Outlook, implying that they do know
how to implement it correctly, but choose not to in Outlook Express.
In my opinion, they do this *because* (not "in spite of that") it makes
OE *less* interoperable with mail clients which conform to the open
standards. They have repeatedly ignored the opportunity to correct the
bug and achieve (better) interoperability and standards conformance.
Your best solution as a consumer, is to boycott microsoft, or at the
very least, refuse to use their most badly broken products (of which
Outlook Express may be the most recognized and most broken). And while
I'm up here on this soapbox, you may also take note that the word
"please" has six letters, none of which is a 'z'.


good times,
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