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Re: using DNAT problem

On May 07, shoeb wrote:
> Can  u plz tell me the reseon and solution of this mail, i  got this mail as
> a attechment with .dat ext.
I'm completely unsure what you are talking about however it sounds like you
have received a GnuPG/PGP signed message.  What the attachment does is
guarentee that the e-mail sent by the owner the key used to sign the e-mail,
and so also the owner of the *e-mail* address in the header, that the e-mail
has not been altered and is completely intact.

What it *doesn't* confirm is that that the person with the e-mail address is
who they say they are.

If you want to learn more plug GnuPG and/or PGP into google and read up :)


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