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Problems with dhcp-client

This may not be the most appropriate list, but as this pertains to my
firewall it seemed close enough. I have searched the web, debian
documentaion, and man pages but cannot find a solution. 

When I issue "ifup -a" everything comes up as I expect. However, after
some period of time, the static address for eth0 has changed from that
specified in the interfaces file to an address provided by the dhcp server
in the LAN. I need for it to remain static as that is the default route
for the rest of the LAN.

My setup looks like this:

------------       | Cable  |  eth1  ----------   eth0  -----
| Internet | ----o |        |o-----o| Firewall |o-----o| HUB |o----> LAN
------------       | modem  |        ----------         -----

  o One of the machines in my LAN acts as a DHCP server for other boxen
    on the LAN. 
  o The firewall runs dhcp-client to get network info from Adelphia
  o The file /etc/dhclient.conf on the firewall is unchanged from the
    installed version

The /etc/network/interfaces file on the firewall looks like:

  iface eth0 inet static

  iface eth1 inet dhcp

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

R. Wayne McCorkle

EMail: rwmccorkle@adelphia.net

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