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IPTables and dial-up

I have finally gotten iptables set up on my system.  Basically, it is a
single-user desktop with no open services (except for CUPS listening to

I am using a script created by "firestarter" and copied into
 /etc/ppp/ip-up.d. Then, in /etc/ppp/ip-down.d/, I created a file that would
 do iptables -F, -X, and then -Z.  However, I found that after disconnecting,
 CUPS would hang, and nmap could not connect to localhost unless I also reset
 Policies for INPUT and OUTPUT back to ACCEPT.

Is this the proper way to handle iptables?  I'm sure I need to wait until
after connecting to set it up, but then I'm not sure about what to do after
disconnect.  Is it a good idea to reset iptables right after disconnect?

Also, would it also be good to do an iptables reset at shutdown for cases
where I might shut down without disconnecting from my ISP, or does it even
matter that they are shut down?

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