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Re: your mail - sorry for empty subject.

* Quoting Michael J. Micek (mmicek@csz.com):
> > 
> > Ip_mask_ftp changes the ipaddress of the
> > port-command (and some other things) inside the
> > packet. That's what the protocol helper is for.
> And you use it by saying "modprobe ip_masq_ftp" and it just
> works?  Is it only available if your kernel is built with
> "CONFIG_MODULES=y"?  I built without modules... (I figured

IMHO not. You should be able to compile it into
the kernel and it should work. Due to lack of
2.2-kernel-documentation here, I can't check.

> since my needs weren't changing on the firewall the extra
> bit of security was worth it, but if modprobe is the only
> way to include this feature, I'll go back...)

Shouldn't be necessary.


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