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Re: your mail - sorry for empty subject.

On Thu, Dec 20, 2001 at 03:11:08PM +0100, Rolf Kutz wrote:
> Bernd Eckenfels (lists@lina.inka.de) wrote:
> > > Sounds like you've got a broken FTP server. Let me get this straight - you can 
> > > connect to the server, but you can't ls or get or put any data.
> > 
> > This is normal, if you do portforwarding, the ftp server will send the
> > internal IP Address to the client in response to the PASV command. This will
> Ip_mask_ftp changes the ipaddress of the
> port-command (and some other things) inside the
> packet. That's what the protocol helper is for.

And you use it by saying "modprobe ip_masq_ftp" and it just
works?  Is it only available if your kernel is built with
"CONFIG_MODULES=y"?  I built without modules... (I figured
since my needs weren't changing on the firewall the extra
bit of security was worth it, but if modprobe is the only
way to include this feature, I'll go back...)

Michael J. Micek, CyberStrategies, Inc. sysadmin.	mmicek@csz.com

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