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Re: dhclient not setting a default route anymore

On Sat, Dec 01, 2001 at 03:07:36PM -0600, Michael Heldebrant wrote:
> Thanks for the analysis.  I had thought something was "funny" in the way
> it was working but I wasn't sure how to check it properly.  I'll call
> charter on monday and thank them for keeping me going while the f**cking
> exite@home board of directors play corporate chicken with my internet
> access.  Then I'll ask why the information is incorrect.  They've only
> had it running for a week or so I guess.  It's going to be hard once I
> mention linux since they immediately (at least in the past) become very
> hostile to me.  Hopefully I can talk to someone with clue.

	No problem glad I could be of some help... Yeah I'm aware of the
E@H issue as a close friend is offline and using a 28.8 modem right now
because of it... 

	I've usually had good luck with ISPs that want my business and
I'm quite a demanding client being as I work as a IPv6 network administrator
and know exactly what I want... I also never talk with tier 1 tech support
and immediately as for either tier 2 or the NOC... When they say they can't
pass me on without going through them I usually just tell them the problem
and they go "you're right, I don't know that" and pass me on... Amazing
that they can't figure out that tellin them there's a problem with layer
3 routing but your physical line is in tact as layer 2 MAC traffic is getting
through fine :)


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