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Re: dhclient not setting a default route anymore

On Sat, Dec 01, 2001 at 10:07:02AM -0600, Michael Heldebrant wrote:
> lease {
>   interface "eth0";
>   fixed-address 66.188.210.XXX;
>   option subnet-mask;
>   option time-offset 21600;
>   option routers;
>   option domain-name-servers,;
>   option host-name "CLEANED";
>   option domain-name "home.roc.mn.charter.com";
>   option broadcast-address;
>   option netbios-name-servers;
>   option dhcp-lease-time 604800;
>   option dhcp-message-type 5;
>   option dhcp-server-identifier;
>   renew 2 2001/12/4 18:35:33;
>   rebind 5 2001/12/7 09:35:33;
>   expire 6 2001/12/8 06:35:33;
> }

	Well it would appear that instead of using a small /25 subnet for
your local area they've decided to use a /21 supernet for what reason I 
as a network administrator can't see...

undrgrid@tank:~$ ipv4calc

	As you can also see by this simple script the broadcast mask they
provide back to you is incorrect as well as they seem to be sending you
back the broadcast mask for the default route ( they are giving
you... This default route won't get you anywhere as it means "any host"
which will do you no good... Now in my experience with dhclient I found
when I had my netmask & broadcast mask being sent back incorrectly to the
client from the server dhclient would not set the default route... Have
you tried contacting your ISP with the details you've provided us? I
would think one of their admins (if they have clue one) would see a problem
and atleast look into it... If not you really got a bad provider...

	Jeremy T. Bouse

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