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Re: Network cabling

On Mon, 12 Nov 2001, [iso-8859-1] Szabף Tamבs wrote:

> Ok.
> > It is necessary to know more details.
> > What speeds?
> It will be good to have 100Mbit/s.
> > What architecture?
> > What distances?
> > Etc...
> There are more then ten bulidings. In one of them will be at least 30
> PC's in the another between 10 and 20.
> The other buildings will have one or two PC's. The distances between
> adjacent buildings are 15, 20 max 30 meters.
> Would be the network very loaded, for 50, 60 PC's, if they all will be
> on the same network? I mean UTP with many switches. I was thinking about
> making subnets and using routers between them to divide the traffic, but
> Cisco routers are found expensive and using computers for routing is
> said to be not reliable enough(the hardware) by the owner.

Keep in mind that there are generally two kinds of switches:

- unmanaged switches, which simply serve as "multiple briges"
- managed switches, which generally cost much more, but have many features
  that you can't easily live without, as a network admin.

Keep that in mind when comparing prices.

Tzafrir Cohen

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