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Re: Network cabling

Thanks everyone for the help!

Now I will look for some prices and I will try to convince some people
to use fiber for the backbone.


Antropov Anton wrote:
> > > Well, as you know UTP has radius of approx. 100 meters.
> >
> > Yes. But I was thinking to put the switches in a way in which I don't
> > exceed 100 meters.
> > Some repeaters could also be used, I guess. Right?
> Yes, but it is not such a good idea. Cascading is not for best perfomance.
> Consider optical fibers instead.
> > This means that I won't have problems(noise) if I connect the buildings
> > with STP?
> No, you will have LESS problems. :)
> > Probably the cable has to go in the air. Probably it will be good to fix
> > it on another, let's say steel wire. Right? Are there any other things I
> > should concern about when using STP cables outdoor?
> Yes, there are some problems.
> For example, very big cars, (even plains :)).
> But the most important is lightning. What will be with cable (or even metal
> wire)
> after lightning stroke? Think about it!
> > What other hardware is needed for the optical fiber network?
> You need media converter for peer-to-peer connections.
> Or optical switch if you are using optical cabling widely.
> Commonly speaking, I'd consider wide use of optics if there is no existing
> Category 5 cabling infrastucture.
> But! While the prices for optical cables are nearly the same as for Cat. 5,
> the prices for
> interfaces are slightly different - ~$10-50 for Cat. 5  and $150+ for
> Optical ones.
> So you can use Optics for backbones and Cat.5 for workstations.
> Try 3COM SuperStack series. AFAIRemember, there are some
> stackable models (both managed and not) with optional fiber port or modular.
> (media converter can be used as module).
> Also  I'd recommend Cisco Catalyst(don't remember model name).
> > know one from the head...If not I can google for myself :-)
> Good equipment made by Cisco, 3COM, Intel, D-link, Compex, Planet and so on.
> See and choose!
> Will be happy to help!
> P.S. You'll need some brainstorm not only fortune! ;)
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