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Re: Network cabling


> It is necessary to know more details.
> What speeds?

It will be good to have 100Mbit/s.

> What architecture?
> What distances?
> Etc...

There are more then ten bulidings. In one of them will be at least 30
PC's in the another between 10 and 20. 
The other buildings will have one or two PC's. The distances between
adjacent buildings are 15, 20 max 30 meters. 

Would be the network very loaded, for 50, 60 PC's, if they all will be
on the same network? I mean UTP with many switches. I was thinking about
making subnets and using routers between them to divide the traffic, but
Cisco routers are found expensive and using computers for routing is
said to be not reliable enough(the hardware) by the owner. So, like in
every case I guess, the network should be very reliable and the expenses
should be minimized :-). Is a number of let's say 60 hosts generaly high
for an Ethernet LAN, with switches?

What kind of cable can be used outdoor for connecting the buildings? UTP
will work? Or STP is better outdoor? I guess Coax would be the best for
this but that would allow only 10Mbit/s. 100Mbit/s would be better...

The bigest concern however is an office that is 2km away. Probably it
will connect through dialup(or leased line if permanent connection is
necessary). Is there any other not very expensive solution to give him a
faster connection?

Thanks a lot,

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