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Re: Network cabling

In article <3BEF74DD.79F6766D@ots.rdscj.ro> sztamas@ots.rdscj.ro writes:
>I need to do some network cabling. The problem is that I never did
>cabling for more then 20 PC's. This will be more then 50 and the network
>should extend between several buildings so I'm a little frightened. I
>could order a book but I'm in a big hurry so I have no time to wait for

As others have mentioned, you should definatly use fiber between
buildings, even if distance isn't a problem.  1000basesx (gigabit
muti-mode fiber) prices are reasonable, so you may consider it between
switches.  At the distaces you mentioned, muti-mode fiber should work

Mangagmenet is stongly recomended if you may have to track down who
put something on the net.  Fancy gui managemnet applications are worth
little, but the switch should be able to report what ethernet address
is using which port.

Vlans may make sense if your users are logicly clustered differently
than they are physicaly. 

Avoid linksys eg24m switches.  The firmware is buggy and the support
is terible.  SMC 6724L2 switches work well.  (Both are managed 24 port
10/100 with two optional 1000basesx ports.)

I've got close to 200 users on 10 switches in four wiring closets at
work, with a t3 network connection coming in via 100basefx.

Blars Blarson 					blarson@blars.org
"Text is a way we cheat time." -- Patrick Nielsen Hayden

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