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Re: FWD: RE: Network cabling

On Mon, Nov 12, 2001 at 10:52:44PM +1300, Tom Parker wrote:
> Optical fibre is preferable between buildings as it eliminates the possibility
> of an electrical problem in one building destroying stuff in another via the
> network. Think lightening. I don't know how important this is in practice.

Not only lightning problems, but also to cope with the difference in
electrical ground!  Each building has its own electrical ground, and
it's quit likely that they all differ, which could mean havoc to your
systems if connected light heartedly.

All other points that seam relevant (and that I know of:) have been
mentioned by others.

So use optical fibers to connect the buildings, and don't use long
cables inside the buildings either, but split the network in smaller
segments to avoid the collation-latency problem.

groetjes, carel

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