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RE: Network cabling

> > Well, as you know UTP has radius of approx. 100 meters.
> Yes. But I was thinking to put the switches in a way in which I don't
> exceed 100 meters.
> Some repeaters could also be used, I guess. Right?

Yes, but it is not such a good idea. Cascading is not for best perfomance.
Consider optical fibers instead.

> This means that I won't have problems(noise) if I connect the buildings
> with STP?
No, you will have LESS problems. :)
> Probably the cable has to go in the air. Probably it will be good to fix
> it on another, let's say steel wire. Right? Are there any other things I
> should concern about when using STP cables outdoor?

Yes, there are some problems.
For example, very big cars, (even plains :)).
But the most important is lightning. What will be with cable (or even metal
after lightning stroke? Think about it!

> What other hardware is needed for the optical fiber network?
You need media converter for peer-to-peer connections.
Or optical switch if you are using optical cabling widely.
Commonly speaking, I'd consider wide use of optics if there is no existing
Category 5 cabling infrastucture.
But! While the prices for optical cables are nearly the same as for Cat. 5,
the prices for
interfaces are slightly different - ~$10-50 for Cat. 5  and $150+ for
Optical ones.
So you can use Optics for backbones and Cat.5 for workstations.
Try 3COM SuperStack series. AFAIRemember, there are some
stackable models (both managed and not) with optional fiber port or modular.
(media converter can be used as module).
Also  I'd recommend Cisco Catalyst(don't remember model name).

> know one from the head...If not I can google for myself :-)
Good equipment made by Cisco, 3COM, Intel, D-link, Compex, Planet and so on.
See and choose!
Will be happy to help!
P.S. You'll need some brainstorm not only fortune! ;)

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