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Re: Network cabling

> Well, as you know UTP has radius of approx. 100 meters.

Yes. But I was thinking to put the switches in a way in which I don't
exceed 100 meters.
Some repeaters could also be used, I guess. Right?

> Calculate if it is enough. If not - then optical fiber (2 - 5 km)
> As about switches...
> I would do the following -
> 1. 100Mbit switches for relatively close groups
> 2. 1000Mbit switches as aggregating in the following way- "debian-1.bmp"

I like this idea.

> Personally, I don't like Coax... IMHO, STP is anyway better especially
> outdoors.

This means that I won't have problems(noise) if I connect the buildings
with STP?
Probably the cable has to go in the air. Probably it will be good to fix
it on another, let's say steel wire. Right? Are there any other things I
should concern about when using STP cables outdoor?
Like I said I never did this before...

> > The bigest concern however is an office that is 2km away. Probably it
> > will connect through dialup(or leased line if permanent connection is
> > necessary). Is there any other not very expensive solution to give him a
> > faster connection?
> You can use optical fiber as it costs not so much nowdays.

What other hardware is needed for the optical fiber network?
Can someone point me to some docs about this kind of network? If you
know one from the head...If not I can google for myself :-)

> Good luck!

I will need some luck...


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