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RE: Network cabling

Well, as you know UTP has radius of approx. 100 meters.
Calculate if it is enough. If not - then optical fiber (2 - 5 km)
As about switches...
I would do the following -
1. 100Mbit switches for relatively close groups
2. 1000Mbit switches as aggregating in the following way- "debian-1.bmp"

> It will be good to have 100Mbit/s.
> > What architecture?
> > What distances?
> > Etc...
> Is a number of let's say 60 hosts generaly high
> for an Ethernet LAN, with switches?

I think, no. It depends on what you are playing with though.

> What kind of cable can be used outdoor for connecting the buildings? UTP
> will work? Or STP is better outdoor? 

Personally, I don't like Coax... IMHO, STP is anyway better especially

> The bigest concern however is an office that is 2km away. Probably it
> will connect through dialup(or leased line if permanent connection is
> necessary). Is there any other not very expensive solution to give him a
> faster connection?

You can use optical fiber as it costs not so much nowdays. 
Or some kind of xDSL modems - up to 7 Mbits.

Good luck!

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